Company Profile

John Fletcher Yacht Design seeks to design yachts that combine, visual appeal, efficiency, innovation engineering, and proper seamanlike sense. We have experience with sail, power, RIB, and catamaran design.

We provide comprehensive design services - from preliminary design through construction drawings. We perform 3-D design, modeling, and rendering. We produce highly accurate and detailed computer models used for design, construction, presentation, and marketing. We use specialized computer systems for design and analysis. 3-D models allow us to create realistic photo-like images during the design process.

We also perform general design analysis, weight studies, stress analysis, structural engineering, and lofting and nesting for use by automated cutting machines.



John Fletcher has over 35 years of boat design experience. His expertise ranges from cruising boats to mega-yachts, as well as passenger, patrol, and rescue boats. His office is located on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

John has worked behind the scene for a number of design offices and boat builders. He prefers fiberglass construction for most yachts; however, he has extensive experience designing and building aluminum vessels.

John has done a lot of sailing. He spent his early teen years ocean sailing with his family, and then moved on to yacht racing. He was accomplished in the Star class. He progressed into sailboarding and spent several years involved with sailboard shaping, and still keeps a quiver of boards. Presently, he drives a 28' rigid inflatable.

John has a degree in Engineering from the University of Washington, where he studied mechanical engineering and naval architecture.

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